Praise the Holy One! For from out of man he has created a woman. Woman, to a man is a Thing of beauty, grace, charm, evident of her slow and melodical walk. He is in love with his own mourning, as if she will paralyze him all the way to his death. So where is her mystery? He follows her along a curvy path of lucid dreams, panting as she walks further in silence. Decades have flown by within my own, and the mystery remains either solved to no man, or a hesitant sigh upon her shoulder as he howls at the moon, as a wolf upon a December frost, and his mind remains muddled.

I see now I cannot penetrate the mystery of this Thing named for me as woman, this age-old appeal to covet her within my own field of dreams, to possess such a feminine beauty is to lay down and appeal to my own grief. Where does this fair one live but in my own cognitive attire of sleepless nights and restless days, countered by a vice I cannot describe. Where lay the chamber of her virtue should it not be found? Shall this be her shielded way to a young manโ€™s heart, or simply foolishness led astray to discover his fragmented character?

What next shall my pen begin to uncover but to describe my feelings as I saw her face for the first time as a young man. Beauty struck deeply within my chest as my heartbeat wildly and knew not where to hide. I felt happy that all I could do was look deeply into the eyes of transcendence aspiring. For the first time I delved deeply into an eternal fountain of unassuming grace that lit a fire I knew not existed, but vastly was within my heart and soul. The moment was all I embraced as she spoke and cleared the path to a heavenly realm, I thought possible but never imagined I would reach, and yet, I was here, willing, oh, most willing to lend her my heart as she pleased to care for, to live for, and to taste the honey from a well yet just forming. The god of all Creation has not ever been so kind to me. I prayed for the bliss I carried from within my heart to radiate back into her honest smile. Her eyes dark with a mystery I knew I must embrace and not covet, and simultaneously, her tenderness young and in keeping with the traditional poets from all ages, I desired only to care for her love upon the tender moment I knew would ensue eternity. I have heard love at first sight does not exist, but oh, I say, yes, it has, for the animal heart of mine had just become tame as a lamb, though I may have purred as lion, my strength in decline, she was for me, in a heartbeat, mine. Within all the ecstasies from all time, ours mounted with an ardent feel for love, friendship, and the pleasure from one heart to another as I saw the holiness within a ceremony one day to take place. My hope runs high her heart shall one day settle in with mine. And even though I dig from the disposition from the past, this is where my treasure has been stored. Through Christ all things have been made new, as my eyes look forward to a new future resting within this heart of love! Praise the Holy One!

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