Nothing Whenever I feel lost in misery I aspire to turn my thoughts, feelings, sensitivities, frustrations, and anger towards myself, not to the external world (though at times it does creep in), to face my own demons. We all have them. But in the return of my own heart and soul I become much more aware of my personal transgressions against others in what I hear them say or watch them do. It is here at this crossroads I must be extremely careful not to “bear false witness” upon another of God’s children who struggle just as I do. I forget and do this more than I care to admit.

So, I read and learn through two means of self-healing; 1.) Scripture, and in particular the Rule of St. Benedict, 2.) the Internal Family Systems Model book, ISBN # 978-0-9721-480-0-9, Copyright @2001 by Richard C. Schwartz PhD. These two literary sources assist in so many ways controlling my anger and internal frustrations. However, I may only aspire to humbly become victorious through Jesus Christ but sometimes I simply fail. There remains nothing more to do than to try again to reconcile myself with my God. It is then, and only then, I am resurrected by Truth in Christ’s good Name.

If you are like me, these two sources (and there remain many out there), will facilitate healing with mine (or yours) peace of mind and heart at the center of the topic matter. WE can change but not on our own. Somewhere along the line God enters the reality of the equation and nudges us to face our worries with courage and wisdom from Him.

I continue to prevail these stormy winds of change by changing what is not true to who I am, God’s child.

Blessings of Peace, Courage, and Truth to all who read this.

John Gregory Evans

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