John’s interest and passion for photography began nearly 50 years ago. As a former US Marine he photographed fellow Marines during a three week lull waiting for combat training to begin. The results were great but Evans always felt the images could be better. His raison d’ etre became his creative side allowing him to shift away from a ruminating ideation. The preceding image taken by his lovely wife Judy demonstrated to him focus points and so much more needed to be studied, but for now his photographic experience required a learning curve. Much was required to take photographic expression seriously i.e. WB, ISO, SS, F-stop (Aperture), Framing, Rule of Thirds, Lenses, Camera Shooting Menu, and so much more. This is when you separate yourself from the hobbyist snapshot to a Fine Art Professional Portrait. Evans is placing his best foot forward and traveling to a destination equal to the Fine Art arena. Be Creative and be courageous.

Evans’ photography demonstrates his life journey as a survivor from trauma that quite demonstrably destroyed Evans younger years. Fifty years of wandering in a juxtaposed landscape of emotional pain vaulted his intuitive and creative nature to a pinnacle of artistic freedom and accomplished successes.

John’s highly contrasted and devastated artistic positioning was destroyed by perpetrators rendering a ruminating ideation throughout his teens and twenties, stagnated to severe depression, hypervigilance, so often associated with PTSD. John’s unique assessment of perpetuated struggles brings his visual artist audience into the light of that struggle through digital photographic expression felt with ever shutter release.

Surrounded by 21st century technology John has focused his ruminating attention to Fine Art Photography and discovered a niche of quantitative and qualitative creativity required by gallery owners to excel with various problematic universal themes. John’s hope is to bring together his passion for creativity to a hurting and pained universal life force of peoples, nature, landscapes, architecture, and portraitures, thus, his philosophy to digital photographic fine art one day to a platform one inevitably may be required to establish a sense of quality purpose through a broken life and its repetitive successes.

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