Soren Kierkegaard:

Existentialism is it a Psychological Reality, or Myth?

By John Gregory Evans

© 5/10/2020 6:17:09 AM

A choice we have. A Reality in a Higher Authority, blameless, blemishes none, may we assert, then, existence is quite the certainty, but choose we must, conscious choice, without the requirements for a personal vision; a kind of leap of faith, I’d say. From a personal way, the Voices I have heard, the Visions I have seen, remind me clearly of religiosity. Perhaps, a divine revelation as Kierkegaard contends, he did not believe in myths. Nor I should it be too soon. For me, a reminder of death says not it all; death asserts them all, you know, we have Resurrection to call, upon. In my thoughts, and in my actions, I call forth the earth’s ancient factions to render a leap of faith. Have you ever witnessed spiritual ecstasy? The kind where you leave your body behind and sift through the bliss from years of not knowing. Through honesty this was a first reality for me. A leap of faith from the dead, as in demons and dragons sleeping in my bed of thoughts; paralyzed by fear one may not discover even one remnant of tears, as a thought rolls over in its sleep. Does this spirituality rest only in the mind? How would anyone know without the involvement of an understanding, or a clear and concise familiarity, a proficiency of encounter? No, for the bliss is not myth. Truth is Real. Yet, in a pragmatic world of ideas

there remain none-existent forms of a superficial truth beheaded by the sins from a biased anger within the totalitarian mind of an egocentrically agnostic. And this as intolerable to write or speak, continues to relate to freedom as of still. The powers we embrace from a divine being and their holiness at will. If, a spiritual encounter occurs in the mind, the soul exists not. For it is with the physiological makeup of the things not of flesh, let the skeptic die and be forgotten for there remains no more flesh but dust upon dust within a thin air of that which is hidden, where there remains no spirit. Albeit, those who hear this Voice of thunder proclaimed from within, from where does it originate, certainly not the mind for the mind shouts verbally, vocally, outwardly. It does not whisper except in dormancy. A Voice from within is not heard but proclaimed, and a proclamation from within is holy, and if holy there must be a purpose. A sense of not myth but of a divine reality God exists, hidden, not covert or concealed, but eager to love man and be his Beloved. This is not difficult to digest. Whether an agnostic, pragmatist, atheist, or more, the existence of God and his Voice embraces omnipotent recoil. Believe and embrace this truth to be real, God is as close, as close as you feel. Perhaps your heart a heart of stone. So, where does creativity come from? If we humans may create, we are a creator. Through my creative thoughts who thought of God in existence at all, why the need for God, why the need for humanity at all. Is there a measure of life to discount a Creator? Or, the unbeliever? Give faith a chance and you’ll see there is no myth, the Reality lives on in the name of our Christ, all the while we sift through to the classicism of old, Socrates and Plato had some mighty fine points, but, if there remains a mind of flesh, who may I ask makes it to move? So, in my estimation philosophy runs amuck, good questions, good answers, but not tangible enough. For me, the Resurrection rocks! Filled without a body, as inside the tomb, garments behind, freshly clothed for a new life for you. Yes, even the atheist has a chance to renew. And as Nadia Boltz Weber states, “I’ll believe it for you.”

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