Systemic Racism:

I Cannot See You for You Are my Brother

by John Gregory Evans

© 5/1/2020 4:26:48 PM

Structural Racism: historically & culturally; white privilege is where – to be of color is a disadvantage, well, I cannot accept the privileges from one to the other. Racism is

not my brother. A racial equity is of my favor that for me perpetuates a global

communal conclusion, you know, as in happy endings? Diversity is where I

am from, think! a mega-metropolis divided by two, peoples of choices

divided by none. It has been said, we shall fall together or fall as one,

for the aim of division shall not be of hate, but together we stand

at a fair National gate where each of the other’s blood colors

red. Progress you say, a passing of the law, legislation

remains, the tax-payers call? Well, not really. You

see, now, Brown v. Board of Education, then

the Fair Housing Act, but even through an

equality view, retrenchment seeps in

creating a social trap, yet, only

for color, our friend, where

diversity lends her hand

till we all make a

stand for justice

at hand, so




Sexism, as well

breathes not the way to

humanity’s heart. For when we

all suffer, then together we part, ways.

Based upon gender against men all together.

Black, brown, red, or yellow, inclusive of the whites

But heartily I say, women and gender, also are the way. For

a mind, oh yes, a mind is, a horrible thing to waste. Fear not the

agenda governments and mandates shall make. It is I, or We the People

together for all folk’s sake, standing together never should one or all decide to

hesitate. Evil begets evil for anyone to partake, not just a scripture passage but a

reality we create. My sweet Lord sung as the Beatles’ Harrison did sing, worthy of a march,

worthy to be free. Power and wealth are not what I desire, but to see my good brother in color survive. I’ve at times lashed out but in my anger I have sinned where my sweet Lord’s song, let peace reign upon all, let peace roll us all in, a global community of the colors we blend. Peace be to all!

5 thoughts on “Systemic Racism: I Cannot See You for You are my Brother

  1. BAMMM, the bottom line. Together or [not].
    The in between is chaos.
    The in between is evil.
    Love your words.
    Gods Blessings.


  2. “Fall together or fall as one” indeed. What a powerful, eloquent statement on the continuing need to confront systemic racism. Write on!!


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