Bigotry Offends

By John G Evans

© 5/2/2020 2:15:22 PM

Slavery, thus, white demands, ne’er mirroring goodness at hand.

I, white as hell, but how may I learn suffering of your ages in our land?

Why, these biased mechanisms for control of a race, piss on you, take injuries away!

Tired of looking at ‘em square in the face.

I say, whate’er we create, why then we redeem it through a Resurrected pace.

Mister white man hold fast your conservative tongue, clean up your own injurious race.

First off, slavery ne’er should have been, the Jim Crow era must discover an end.

Ghettoization, a criminal offense, damages a youth, though smarter than your sins.

There remains an analogous myth, a post-racial humanity, disparities amiss.

You have oppressed the condition of racialization and kept this to your marketable self.

My hope in humanity lies in with this, standing with Black listening to his, worrisome

self, my poetics do not run as I risk all that I embrace, I will speak with him through equality’s face.

Ne’er you mind of an uprising through might, for all you receive as I have known in this fight, when one is injured reflects in our face, so bigoted fuckers get out from this place.

[A great Faith and sound Courage offer me the passion to sound off this way, a former US Marine who served among Black, ne’er thought a reason to dishonor a powerful faith as they all had my back. I loved all who I served with in heart and in soul, these men of great courage whom I learned so much from.]

4 thoughts on “Bigotry Offends

  1. Love this passage, “damages a youth, though smarter than your sins.” Thank you for your heart for justice, and for applying your talents to this issue!

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