My journey has been incredibly lengthy throughout the duration of my life. Since a child I have witnessed many encounters of a divine kind. Mostly I have understood in wake of the ego, hence, setting me back further in my thoughts. Tonight, Tuesday morning 02/16/2021, I am writing another of these witnessed encounters.

I have not understood the fire within me perpetuated by a woman but can clearly come to understand woman as a “Giver of Life, Giver of fire,” by virtue of the Comforter. Christ mentions this Comforter as the Holy Spirit. Infused by this fiery flame within us all, we encounter our soul. Ibn’ Arabia states, “the soul is the Deputy on Earth,” and upon thinking, pondering, investigating through a prayerful, meditative, and contemplative state of heart/mind/soul discerns the Divine is the initiating force of love that is with us always.

I am reminded these experiences have opened my heart through poetry, love, and of woman. This is the message to my soul, an essential element or gift within our universal charity, harmonized by this fiery furnace of purification, I am not alone. In fact, I have been blessed more times than not by the promptings of this unveiling brought on by this fiery light given by God. And, at times I become consumed by this fire that from how I understand is here within me to purify my soul.

The book Son of Man by Andrew Harvey has therefore increased my knowledge of my inner true Self, in fact the most sought out author of mysticism clearly shares with the reader that,

“Jesus and the Christ are one force of revolution that aims at the birth of the wholly new creation with beings in it who are free with the glorious liberty of the children of God, and thus dangerous, as Jesus himself was, to all established forms of power.” Harvey goes on to state,

“What the authentic Christ-force creates in someone who subjects themselves to its fire is a person involved, as Jesus was, with every aspect of society, active within the world from a divinized, inner being, from a center of sometimes deranging and disturbing divine human life and divine human creativity.”

So much of what Andrew Harvey writes goes beyond my knowledge of comprehension, but so much has been received within my tiny brain. Experience is what I know holds true and through reading and understanding Andrew’s point of view has clearly opened doors for me and opened my mind to new dimensional realities.

Following is a kind of tribute to women, and my lovely wife who has posed for me many times. I hope you will consider sharing this article.

Thank you in advance.

John Evans


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