You know friends, every now and then someone comes into your life who transforms you into a better person, and this is a good, heart-warming story of friendships that took place over four decades ago. This should say how arrogant and egotistical I used to be because the epiphany I embraced occurred just this early morning regarding my two friends. I have learned good, honorable, and humble character may be achieved as young adults. Let’s face it, life is tough, but do we really need to be tougher in terms of hurting someone? No. One of the two young men I knew was my friend. I challenged him one day and may have lost an unbelievably valuable friend. For this I became sick with worry, fear, and terrible resentment. Well, there remains in this world men I call the great equalizers. His brother (also my friend) was just that. This morning I am thinking of these two good guys and realized I was wrong about this honorable family. Very wrong. So, I wish to humbly apologize for creating havoc so long ago to two particularly good people I recognize as truly quite valiant and valuable human beings doing the best they can. Even I with all the worries and difficulties I have faced, have no right to complain. Life just is. Throughout life we must carry forth in a dignified manner with honor and integrity through the valuable acceptance of your wrongs and create a merciful transformation forgiving others you may think have wronged you as well as yourself for being wrong. This morning I wake to a new day of magnanimous peace, tranquility, and transformation; all for the better. I thank both my friends for sharing valuable friendships with me and pray for both of their safety, good health, and not just prosperity in life, but love. Thank you both for allowing me the humbling privilege allowing me to share. Much love, respect, and admiration to you and your beautiful family. Thank you.

John Evans

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