I created 10 B & W images for the sake of experimenting light & shadow. I am engaged in a class to attune my spiritual eyes, so I created these to be more dramatic as B & W images. I have learned that shadow plays an even bigger picture than I’d imagine. Shadow when rendered a conscious awareness has more pluses than we may typically observe thus adding to our personal nature, and especially with a contemplative practice as a Christian photographer.

Lately, I have had disturbing dreams of my former USMC era. I have also discovered these disturbances are simply reflections of my shadow; a deep yet powerful thing. Upon trying to forget the disturbances I am quick to remember the power they have upon my personality, thus I see darkness and terror. In reality, I am reminded the darkness or shadow is a distinct reminder the threat is no longer existing. So, I wanted to see through the lens of the camera if darkness or shadow could be visualized in a manner to free me from my fears.

Following are a few of the images in sequence. Now, I must say, I have a great photographer friend who has told me not to photograph in Automatic anymore; only Manual. Also, forget about editing. Make the camera do as you wish for it to do regarding ISO, Shutter Speed, and Exposure Values. So, this is what I did and following are the images.

You can visualize the compositions growing ever darker. Shadow and light is seen in the midst of each frame. What I am aspiring to do is find a perfect balance. I cheated on this next one whereas, I edited on LRC trying to obtain a perfect balance to calm my disturbances from the dream I explained. Now, the images have no bearing regarding subject matter of the dream; only seen in the way I feel with regard to light and shadow. You see, I have control over what I see and feel as well as everything native to the camera.

To me this was a good balance.

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