I have always been inspired by the Haida canoe of the pacific northwest regarding the design parameters and the craftsmanship involved. The extended bow where the datum waterline  cuts the water with an extreme for the bow to overhang further out into the mystery of that we call the sea.

I have always admired the extra reach for payload matters of bow and stern. We know that overhang or additional length allows for additional capacity weight, as well as a beamy waterline width that also allows a greater stability factor. The Haida canoe provides both.

And to think of the great adventures northwest native American seamanship rendered way by virtue of courage, a supreme knowledge of canoe design and craft, as well as a spirit that would not be denied the power of extending their world out into an ocean of power and the territorial lands before them.

Another beautiful image I discovered with Simon Fraser university speaks volumes of the beauty and characteristic stern and bow, moderately heavy construction methods, and the power itself regarding the artwork.

Upon closing it is my imperative to assimilate the lines one day for choosing to replicate my own thoughts and feelings for the glory that is the Haida canoe.

Previously, I posted two images but was not certain I accredited a proper citation for either, so I removed the links. I sincerely apologize to the sources and to my very valued readership who visit my site.


Haida canoes arriving
Photo Courtesy by Susan Clark via Flickr.
Queen Charlotte City
Photo courtesy of Brett Hodnett via Flickr


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