Words I have Learned to Live by have become an inherent imperative for me. Words such as Apostasy (to rebel against), Atonement (a reconciliation with God), Trust ( a transparency to live by), and Forgiveness ( seeing the world view on a deeper yet simpler plane), and I am learning more. 

Today, the word has been Forgiveness. I recall my last Mass I attended was in the year 1978 and the priest’s lesson was on Forgiveness. During that period of time I was very angry at the world and the humanity factor, and angry with myself for not forgiving. 

I now see these words and subsequent meanings to be what God has aspired to teach me. To forgive and view the world and myself differently. These words as the Holy Spirit may speak them to me are from the One who magnifies within, sees my pain and suffering. But these words can and will end all temptation and guilt that will not endure eternity. (ACIM). 

“ Let mercy come to you more quickly. Do not try to hold it off another day, another minute, or another instant. Time was made for this. Use it today for what it’s purpose is. Morning and night, devote what time you can to serve its proper aim, and do not let the time be less than meets your deepest need.” (A Course in Miracles, pg. 368, Note 10). 

My aspiration to live accordingly has been life altering, where peace may now find me more readily. I continue to struggle on days, angrier with myself than others, but I now realize I have a choice. I choose freedom through forgiveness. And I am willing to do the work. 


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