Tonight I shall be gentle with me. I am not perfect, though I am wonderfully created. I follow scripture when I can. I read and retain A Course in Miracles. I aspire to be honest, trusting, transparent, faithful, and with courage. This is just the beginning for a child of God to aspire, as well, to teach what she/he knows through their learning template. 

I have learned forgiveness essential for the spirit to carry on in faith and courage and this requires a multitude of attempts. In scripture we are told by Christ to forgive 70 times 7. For the egocentric mind this is impossible. It becomes necessary, too, to be completely honest, transparent, and trust is a grand undertaking, but once through the veil you receive the godly knowledge of the Holy One granting us a multitude of favors.

I do nothing alone but ask for intercession of the great Spirit of Truth to abide in me, and she does. In all humanity we embrace this Spirit, but one must discern very carefully to awaken a sleeping soul. I was asleep for many years. One day, I awoke from a 40 year nightmare. The goodness of it all is I discovered spiritual poetry by women and after this the torch was lit. I carry this fire forward, now, as Truth shall guide my words, feelings, and actions. 

I simply wished to put this out there for all to see. And, with women, there remains a deep treasure of heavenly wisdom to discover, but first thing is first. Women are by no means any manโ€™s possession. Delve deeply into this mystery. Understand, bliss comes in the moment of holiness. A holy instant is my raison dโ€™ รชtre. 

I bid you the reader peace, my peace I give you. Look up to the Lord, it is right to give HIm thanks and praise. 


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