Thoughts destroy, they kill at the sound of your voice

Through your sacred quest for your true Lover, our Beloved –

I search upon this journey of time, my passion is only for

The keeper of my soul.

Presence eludes me, tentativelyโ€ฆI journey far and wide

Until I learn He is with me, waiting for my presence,

The Divinity of an undeviating and transparent path

To this awe-inspiring Mystery.

Oh, my brothers and sisters, He is closer than you know!

He has spoken so we shall know.

The hymen of our hearts covered, closed, yet wrapped

In a Love that requires a seeker.

Be this seeker and you shall find, through your travels

You will find ego has no heart.

How may we look for a Love so near?

I must travel the interior road so intimately never losing sight

Of hope.

There always remains hope,

So do not let the hammer hit,

On the other side of the unveiling of your heart.

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