Preferring Christ – The Rule of St Benedict & Divine Mercy Chaplet Heal the Heart & Soul Upon Dwelling in the Lord’s Tent

Sunday, September 13, 2020

9:26 AM

I have learned love with God and his people at the most intimate level. I feel touched, blessed, and holy upon such occurrences. Reading as the title suggests delivers me from evil and I am all set in a platform of love; but the devil still strikes, so it remains in a relational embodiment with Christ through the Rule of St. Benedict (1500 years-ago), and the Divine Mercy Chaplet that truly allows me transformation even in the midst of ‘a brewing trouble,’ I keep with Christ in silence, adoration, and peace. It is His will to be in union with Him constantly, but one must work diligently towards that means. St. Benedict allows me the depth of Christ and Divine Mercy allows upon prayer the substance of God’s nature for a merciful love. Peace be to those who seek it.

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