A Strong Woman – My Mother

Saturday, September 12, 2020

10:11 AM

Sun-up, golden veins of a vertical wall shines

on to the terrace, tall.

So, what is going on this early morn.

A strong woman’s voice tells all.

This woman, my mother who cared for a family

Of six, and dogs, and cats,

Of all that surrounded her, she loved.

And we loved her, too.

Intimacy is an overturn, and when she spoke to me

Especially in prayer, I listened.

She spoke care, wisdom, love, and God.

She cannot speak, presently

So I speak for her.

Mother, you having meant the most

Sitting on the cottage porchโ€ฆ

In a small German town.

I remember the commissary, and

A pineapple you said I would not like.

I didn’t, you were right.

Your beauty shined forth in care

For your young, a five year old me, and

A little brother of three.

You gave, provided, all that was

Our daily bread, and a can of peas.

No mystery here, but my strong mother’s care

And her legacy shall not die upon my heart,

For I remember the intricacies, why?

Because I was your first born.

I knew you before the others,

I knew you as you read stories,

And shared your heart.

This meant the world to me.

That I was truly cared for.

An intimate gift from God.

Why, this was you mother dear,

You’re all I’ve cared for, and

All who I ever will, next to

God himself.

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