Photographic Intuitive Awareness (Metaphorically)

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

6:19 PM

I’ve always known for as long as I have photographed seriously that, feelings, sight, and, intellect play a bigger role than we realize as photographers. What I enjoy in the creation of an image, architectural portrait, let us say a cathedral or monastic setting I wish to convey a spiritual milieu. A visual inflection of the divine as we search out objects, details, lighting, etc. In developing a holistic visual awareness one must be keen to his/her vision and highly encourage “the process of photography as a discipline and a source of insight.”

A metaphorical and intuitive awareness photographically, simply means to turn one’s work and self to the interior landscape with our muse as a spiritual reconciliation with what we see, what we feel, and by what we think without judgement and evaluating. This will get in the way of what we appreciate.

As an additional premise choose a written passage that uses visual imagery — a poem, or scripture. What is your relationship in lieu of the object you are utilizing or visualizing? Does any new meaning emerge from the object or composition as a whole?

The preceding image has been a favorite of mine. I kept coming back to this location along the Oregon Pioneer Memorial Trail in Boise, Idaho and finally landed a great image only slightly modified in lieu of minor digital imaging. To be creative has been said is to be close to God. As the Divine continues to pour out his graces upon this soul I shall remember to share with humanity my beautiful creations.

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