Vocations may come and go. As Barry Lopez states, “I think of the dignity that is ours when we cease to demand the truth and realize that the best we can have of those substantial truths that guide our lives is metaphorical – a storyโ€ฆ.Beyond this, that the interior landscape is a metaphorical representation of the exterior landscape, that the truth reveals itself most fully not in dogma but in the paradox, irony, and contradictions that distinguish compelling narratives – beyond this there are only failures of imagination, reductionism in science, fundamentalism in religion, fascism in politics.”              ‘

Change can be good. Through a grand trial of entering a phase of individuation, I climb not to the top to exalt myself, but inward to discover my self – my true self. And this is exciting. Speaking last evening with my wife Judith, we discovered my purpose in the student of Spiritual Direction, my Vocation shifts to travel, photographing monasteries in Idaho and surrounding states, and write of my experiences. Through a contemplative lens I wish to demonstrate the beauty of metaphorical photography and the architectural elements of monastic life as we all travel the same path. It becomes a hope and a prayer to use the photographic process to demonstrate the interior beauty of the exterior landscape.

Thus, I am moving onward.

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