I have discovered the perennial wisdom of women supersedes all I learned thus far into deeper places within my heart and soul. In fact, I lay witness to women as my guiding light to Christ and the holiness of the Divine within me. My experience with the Voice at age fifteen (a woman’s voice), loud as thunder, reclaims my woundedness from the traumas and explains to me always God speaks to us through the attentive soul. To be attentive to listening, quiet enough to listen, shaping the heart to listen and act, and through another scenario my wife explains to me periodically, Mary Magdalene was the first disciple of Jesus to witness his Resurrection, return to the others exclaiming “He has risen,” sharing her first-hand account of Jesus appearance to Mary as the first true witness to understanding God’s purpose is not to hinder women, but to listen with all your heart and soul those attentive to God’s holy will.  Women are indeed essential to building and reshaping his Kingdom.

9 thoughts on “A Quiet Manifestation of Love

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