When I became spiritually awake and I can hear your Word Lord Jesus as You call me forth, my heart shall hear Your every word. You have pressed upon my heart, my soul, my mind, that to be called by name as occurred in 1970, I heard an incredibly special reverence and awe for a spiritual linguistical word (phrase), as in another language i.e. that which swept through to the Holy Apostles upon Pentecost. Your ears dear Jesus are receptive to my prayers and I know, “Behold, I [You are here] am here,” (Isa. 58:9).  

Fast forward to 1978. Your Presence has come to fruition. I heard (Shamati), and felt your Holy Presence. The “ancient way of knowing” is as esoterically beautiful now as it was then. A spiritual linguistic as in another language, hence, lifts up my receptive heart. Now, I can not only hear but see your Holy ways.  

Presently, and with much diligence, I wish to dwell with You Lord in the Tabernacle of your Kingdom by always aspiring to do good by your directives pressed upon my hidden heart. My hidden heart that is found only by You. Thank you, Christ, for hearing my cries. My forty-year drought is over. I now, may live in peace knowing your Word comforts me. Hallelujah. Amen.  

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