For me, and at times, my heart can be confusing. Perhaps I am not a morning person at best. It takes a while for me to un-harden my heart. One way, God can reach inside my depths is through my sorrows. I am more readily tuned to sorrows. I ask the Lord Jesus Christ not to allow me to harden my heart, but life can be bitter. So, let it be. God may reach us in many ways. I have always known sorrow since my youth. I have spent a great deal of time alone. I enjoy life this way because it brings me, through my sorrows, closer to God and my creativity. This is when I respond the best with Christ.  

Our Blessed Mother Mary helps as well as I pray her Rosary of Seven Sorrows or at the very least seven Hail Mary’s per day. Mary’s Sorrows greater than mine allows me to see inside my own sorrows and see Mary and Jesus more clearly. This in turn allows me to live in deep gratitude for my salvation in Christ’s life, death, and resurrection.  

I as well, am becoming more in tune with the Rule of Saint Benedict. With the guidance from the Holy Spirit I feel led to let go of the miseries of my life and embrace the sorrows in a much different way. There, as the light bounces off the rosary’s beads, light bounces from my heart as well. Salvation is closer than we may be aware.  

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