John Gregory Evans 

Throughout the last 12 years I have pondered upon the good works of the Lord in my life. From early on as I kneeled next to my sweet, loving, mother’s side, she taught me the imperatives for prayer, to this present day as I open my Bible to read the underlying messages of Scripture, I am humbled presently by the presence of our God.  

Living now, within an era of change, I aspire to change in me that which is not true to the dignity of the human-beings upon this earth. Why, should I declare within my heart a superficial dominance over another’s soul. Why, this would be oppressive and arrogant to think I have that option. I do not!  

Prayer guides me. “The Holy Spirit leads me unto Christ, and where else would I go? What need do I have but to awake in Him?” I cannot travel alone, as I once tried. No man is an island unto himself? We all are created in God’s image and must retain the quality of dignity, love, mercy, and the justice that comes through a charitable heart for others, even if they remain different by any other manner.  

The dreams of love lead to knowledge.  “[Our] one reality has been given us and by it, God created us to be one with Him.” Prayer unites me [us] to God and to each other. Move slowly, giving God a simple place to transform our lives for the better, always aside from the material wealth of the world, for God is Spirit, and in Spirit and in Truth we shall prevail. Remember the innocence. Allow them to lead us to our salvation.  

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