More About John Gregory Evans & Paavo Oso Arts

I’ve always enjoyed photographing people, places, and anything of interest to me. I’ve also been at this passion since about age 13 but have not learned native camera techniques till recently. Presently, I work with larger files at 6000 x 4000 RAW+F and determine my light, exposure, and composition beforehand, during the session, and in post-processing. The light that surrounds us during the day or night will adjust so many factors, so it becomes extremely imperative to understand your camera and what it can do. Post-processing (only if you are keenly aware of its priceless power and intricacies), as well as the fact that unless the image is born native of the camera, in my estimation and experience, can be rather futile. I have not really understood this till recently. One can take a photograph on AUTO and receive a fair snapshot, but this is all. Fine Art Photography (not easily correlated to snapshots), is a quest for the perfect portraiture. This requires knowledge, practice, and experience manipulating your camera in so many ways that this is the manner to obtain your greatest results. So, again in my estimation time is on my side. I like the dramatic portraitures with dark backgrounds. It all depends on the session. It depends upon mood. It depends on lighting.

When I first began PAAVO OSO ARTS I hoped this would be synonymous with my name. It has I believe, and I like this. So, PAAVO OSO ARTS is an established project I am hoping to take into the world of Fine Art Portraitures.


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