We hoped through this practice image to derive a thematic series on women throughout the ages. Although the above image is rated poorly in terms of overediting, we still have the thoughts and vision to create, though not enough models or period clothing with the initial idea to demonstrate a kind of woman like Lydia of Thyatira (my wife Judy’s favorite Christian woman from ancient Asia Minor), so Judy hoped to portray Lydia’s presence.

Now, during this session portrayal I was oblivious how to frame, focus, and create a perfect black and white (or color), created for screen and print, and there does remain a difference between the two. We have been working this theme for two years and feel we should begin another session, so, tomorrow we begin.

Lydia was a successful business woman during her era in the 1st century. She was a merchant who sold purple cloth. We wondered how we could correlate this present image clearly focused and not overly edited with today’s successful business women in a full color or B&W screen & print layout with a full story of Lydia. Lydia was also a friend of Paul (Saul of Tarsus who initiated the stoning of St. Steven), and converted to early Christianity upon becoming blinded by the light of Christ.

Once we discovered a theme and storyline all I had to do was learn to photograph clearly on Manual. Since I have learned I do not ever wish to photograph in Automatic again. Creativity native to the camera comes alive with Manual focus. So, now we are aspiring to collectively create, process, and direct a number of scenes of an early Christian woman named Lydia. I am hoping (confident as well), we can pull this off, so please be watching for the story.





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