Judith: My Lovely Model

This afternoon I set up with my 85mm f1.2 portrait lens with dear Judith. This image captured in our living room at approximately 3:00 p.m. is still out of focus, but I have discovered some new truths.

1.) The camera was on a tripod

2.) Focus Point was on Judith’s left eye and I feel it should have been on the right eye (the closest eye to the camera).

3.) I did not use a modifier (This would have been a huge help).

4.) ISO 400, SS 1/400 s. WB=flash, framing was good, the room was too dark to where it was difficult to focus on her eye.

5.) Godox lamp flash

6.) Tomorrow we try again. We shall be in the gallery/studio with natural light. No modifier, just natural light and Godox if required. Of course the shooting menu may be different since the time of day will be morning hours. This will be a TBD shooting arrangement according to light direction, backdrop (gray), and everything we tried to do today will be applied as well. I think the eye focus will be relatively easy. I hope so.

Following is additional enhancements through make-up, facial sculpting, light modifications, and a bit more. This was experimental only. I am trying to decide a theme, vision and style of image we desire.

Judith: My Lovely Model Subtle Modifications

And an HDR toning with a Posterized stylized effect.

Judith HDR & Posterized

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