I adore this locale. The Mission Trail of San Antonio. I have practiced my photography here and have felt a feeling of Omnipresence. Although I was simply learning to focus, edit, and recraft my images, they can be better, I know. These images per this post are in some instances good compositions, but focus is on one point, and as these images are embrace both landscape and portrait views, upon the next opportunity to film missions in Architecture, I will use the Rule of Thirds horizontally as well as portrait, I will use a 50 mm, f/18, ISO 100, and a faster shutter speed just enough to see the daylight and not hang too much in the shadows, but this all will depend on my mood and my vision. Learning from professionals helps to redirect my focus and vision on several factors i.e. I will be aspiring to show more of an indigenous flavor as to people were used (in some manner), to construct these missions, and I do not suspect it to be all that pleasant stone upon stone. I helped my father build a stone fence in our back yard at 13 and it was hot, sweaty, and plain old hard work. And al constructed from the same city. So, I have a clear understanding what the locals several centuries ago endured, at least in diminutive measures. Now we see stone and mortar, but some artist’s depictions demonstrate colorful cemented and tiled walls over the stone, also demonstrating the mastery of artistic skills by the native locals. One may sense the aura’s and spirits of the great artists who created these walls and small communities. Descendants from the pioneers of the missions continue to live the land descending back to the Canary Islands.

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