This image was taken in 2013. Initially, I over-edited. I captured the image with a singular focus point and a f-stop of about f/3.5 with a 70-300mm lens. ISO was probably 400 and WB sunshine. If I had to do this image again, I would have pre-set my shooting menu to select multiple focus points to capture more of the flowers. Since I was aspiring to capture this image with a dramatic focus on a partial flower/full butterfly, presently, I would shoot from about 200mm, f/8, from the same location, ISO at the golden hours with a full sun, about 100. My shutter speed I would speed up to about 1/20 s. and go from there. Honestly, I believe now I could film this image within 5-10 shots and nail the dramatic appearance I desired in the first place. I tried following the Rule of Thirds so I placed the butterflies antennae using this rule to the left. But, I have had 7 + years more experience.

For this image, and since I was editing from a RAW file, one that was heavily edited, it remained an imperative to reverse the initial edit. I wondered how to create an almost duplicate of the original, so I reversed the process on LR that I took at that time in 2013, to how I edit now, as now, I have learned “less is more”. And, the surprising thing is I included the re-edited image introducing it within the Windows Editing software and all I required to touch up was to continue with the original filter, and enhance using the enhancing tool wand.

In my honest opinion I believe the image was captured near the effect I would have gone for now.


John Gregory Evans & the Paavo Oso Arts Project in Boise, Idaho.

2 thoughts on “Telling the Truth About Digital Editing

  1. Great example of reverse editing and the benefits of the learning process. Thank you you for sharing this โ€œless is moreโ€ insight!

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