“Be Courageous with Your Creativity”
John Gregory Evans PAAVO OSO ARTS PROJECT Boise, IdahoTo All My Clientele Owner, PAAVO OSO ARTS PROJECT Boise, Idaho
Dear Followers:24th May 2020


Phone:  208-810-9999

John Gregory Evans & the Paavo Oso Arts Project are currently located in Boise, Idaho. My photographic career began as a US Marine photographing fellow Marines within a Portrait format. This tenure endured close to one year, led to some outstanding self-portraits as well as US Marine individual portraits. My primary concerns were to record a history of training as a US Marine and have fun creating a portfolio of my work. Unfortunately, the documents were accidently destroyed in1979. I am beginning at ground zero.   Currently, I am researching the photojournalistic market as a freelance photojournalist with the state of Idaho. I hope to photograph and write for the preservation of wildlife and wilderness for the Gem state. Architecture, as well as Interior Architecture is another potential accolade I wish to achieve.   My gear list is simple and light (for now), as to gain easy access onto back-country flights into northern Idaho as well as throughout the entire area from Utah to Idaho and perhaps the Montana and Oregon areas as well. The list goes on and on and may be determined by gaining an edge over complications with my health. But, as Lewis and Clark stated, I follow their determination and stature to “proceed onward”. Please stay with me and together we shall discover Idahoan wilderness as not ever photographed before.   Your friends at the Paavo Oso Arts Project in Boise, Idaho.   John Gregory Evans Owner, PAAVO OSO ARTS PROJECT

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