I conceived the Paavo Oso Arts Project two years ago stimulating my photographic endeavors. I embrace my absolute favorite Fine Art Portrait Photographers but ride on no one’s coat-tails. My work (good or bad), is my work. I explore the possibilities through that which is technologically native to the camera,
editing software ( I utilize several), gut feelings, experience, and my artistic positioning which has become my artistic statement and raison d’ etre. I love when a composition comes together through planning, and the aforementioned stimulants. My website at paavoosoarts.org is gaining an increased popularity and I aspire to work diligently for my clientele.

Artistic Positioning

evansjg13@gmail.com | 208-810-9999

“Artists – painters, sculptors, musicians – have long known being attuned to the light, the ability to see deeply, connects us with the holy in a fresh and new way.”

~ J. Brent Bill, Mind the Light, learning to see with spiritual eyes. Pp. 10-11 ~

Regarding my artistic positioning began as a teenager with Gian Lorenzo Bernini lending his sojourn to a sacred and divine path during the Baroque Period with his sculpture Ecstasy of Teresa c. 1652. My personal related experience of Teresa’s mystical and spiritual ecstasy began hearing with the ears of my soul a woman’s voice call me by name. It was during this era (1970), I began my journey for an artistic and mystical approach to my photographic art. I have always sensed all creatives share the mystical in some Universal and Omnipresent manner, thus weaving the mystical into a Fine Art medium. Photographic Fine Art is a wonderful medium to set your soul on fire, thus setting your sights into a world of creativity, expressing a mystical kind of love for the expressive state of seeing inward, and projecting onto the palette of paper what your inward eye may envision. There remains technique, vision, craft, and a fluidity that emanates with our vision that draws us deeply into a mystical state of magnanimity expressing a feel for our photographic creativity and art. Always remain Creative for as a believer creativity is being close to God.

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