Silver Love Poured Tea

by John Gregory Evans

© 5/17/2020 3:12:52 AM

Your smile, breathless,

Ponderosa Pines harvested your voice,

Kisses that shed an earthly attire,

While Sleeper’s and Pullman’s steal the night, yet

Silver love poured tea.

The moon breathed deep tonight,

Stars gathered

Inebriated by the broken silence,

Only the darkness smiled!

Silver love poured tea.

Stares from a destitute dawn,

Like a brown paper bag

That feeds an army of poor,

Your soul lay bare,

Silver love poured tea.

The lunar moon snips away the dusk

As desert succulents grow.

The scarlet butterfly, adjourns his ills

Comes to your side, as the itinerant wiil.

Silver love poured tea.

You, my love, have taught me well,

Through dreams our souls begin to heal,

Rose petal milk, enigmatic delight

Whispers speak as boughs of thunder.

Silver love poured tea.

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