Volume I

Upon Reading Leo Tolstoy’s ‘War and Peace’:

An Introduction in Brevity ~ 2nd Composition

By John Gregory Evans

© 5/13/2020 4:04:20 AM

1865 he continues to write, a Tolstoy’s revision of battle criteria, and Schon Granbern, as a victorious Russian army marches to Paris in 1812, and the battle lines are redrawn in literary form. Prince Andrew Bolkonsky and Pierre Bezukhov follow upon the hero’s journey throughout this novel form, but oh so many drafts, as the pen dashes from out of his inkwell’s stash, a poignant clash of history and art, capture this sojourn by the start.

For Tolstoy to write of a historically fictitious and truth-bearing novel a magnanimous feat, but in the end Tolstoy’s literary treat. And the men took a lady’s hand, recalled through the biographies, letters, and memoir’s stance, at some point in time through Russia’s victory, gentlemen and ladies began to prance to a Russian waltz, and patrician’s  dance.

Benevolence speaks from Natasha’s impish heart, love, love, and love ever more, was my interpretation for a lady’s lore. Friendship’s amour for Pierre’s adore, Natalya considers at times her ideation of death (choosing her way), where manipulation was her princess’ mainstay, as in heroine, today.

Tolstoy has reprimanded my scale, visions of a literary populaces’ historical fail. I write what I deduce, translating ever the best a poet may muse, in words of a rhythmic flow, these words are as I choose.

Throughout this epic I strive for the best, where three volumes aspired to read is my ultimate test. An arduous ride to say the least, but in my best interest I shoulder this reprieve, for translating poetics with any literary form, may be my victory or a literary scorn.

Let us hope always for the best.

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