Spinal Con-fusion:

A Combat Therapy

By John Gregory Evans

© 5/12/2020 8:25:38 AM

There remains a deadened, freezing, almost an anesthetizing

sense of dread upon my fingertips and hands, reaching deep into my leg’s nerves,

shattered spinal cord, peeled away as one peels an orange.

Walking, now a challenge, con-fusion of the fusion, cervical cord,

Ruptured and bruised, arrogance of the humanity factor.

Pain within the eyes like lightning fingers to the crown – of God.

At night, now, I lay awake, not to pity myself,

But to personify the relevance for the un-forgotten

Accretion of gunpowder residues, a controlled combat chaotic state of mind,

Where courage lay found. And I from self to Self-consumed, in a

Rage of fright, carries forth another day of exile, deep with the soul-hunter’s night,

I discover my contribution for a patriotic chore, my final thought for Uncle Sam,

Lay claim to stating, no more, no more!

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