Coyote Moon Rising

John Gregory Evans

© 5/11/2020 9:30:36 AM

The Gulf of Mexico, mysterious whitecaps

feel the colossal, dark figure brush my legs, left

dangling as death upon a razor’s edge

where my journey through the depths appear

as overbearing.

In the horizon’s twilight the ‘Naparima’ glides

upon the depths as the designer intended, a Coyote moon

weighs heavy and derelict in a sky for a hope to see

land, again. A nothing more than dirt, caliche, and sand,

to rise and throw indignities at me, as a brown-skinned bully

from a distance.

Thoughts of eating a meal at ‘Landry’s’ plagues my mind

as the depths become weighty, and the giant below me circles

a time or two. Worries appear from the surf that draws near.

I swim onward. ‘Naparima’ gains closure and another worry surfaces,

how many screws will she devour me with?

I learned, worries come and go, like snow – flakes on a warm, windy

night in Corpus Christi Bay. I made the trek, from depth to the tan sands

against a jetty that spreads her smile across the miles. I think,

of a bullish kid I used to know, does he know he helped upon

this night of the Coyote Moon’s glow? Better yet, has he learned

by now?

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