A Foreign Affair II

By John Gregory Evans

© 5/10/2020 2:42:35 AM

For just a moment, protracted, a long-drawn-out affair, long black hair, with a painted face, of red, and brown so fair,

An indulgent for her time-honored pleasure, an acknowledgement, together

We shared an unknown ecstasy silent to the core, quaking to the fore.

The moment endured perpetuity, a long

slide ride, mirrored, paralleled more than the 38th, emulated, mouthed-over echoes, a murmur not by way of chance, but by this colorful appeal, calling it red and parted maws, a slight drool for a long-awaited thrill eagerly waits its

moment to cool, anticipation ne’er knew

the secrets of love till she slowly, ever so slowly heated the flame, and drew herself down, down further-more, as if a transparent game, flushing eager to meet the flame. Though no game it was but to part slightly more, lovingly,

caringly, evermore as flesh to flesh about to meet, no burden upon this butterfly’s back waiting lusciously to begin her lack of motion, graceful as a ball-room dancer about to render a fullness of muse, accomplished, concluded, before the love was fulfilled.

A most perfect sunrise filled the gathering of cumulous veils, the overall mists from her breath now revealed, set

sights on tomorrow, a love affair wholeheartedly concealed, where

happiness through delight  shall                      

ever remain, perfectly sealed.

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