Loneliness has a colorful appeal,

Let us call it red, parted maws, lonely from a journey to freedom instead,

A relinquished mass of peoples juxtaposed, liberty sows not upon this troubled land, a promise not to the populace cram.

I simply hope for the people’s choice

Not as from Tiananmen Square,

The lovers of none, oppression, I swear

Of authoritarians, tyrants, despots, too

For the peoples’ lives are worn to the bone, worn to the skin of multitudes.

For just a moment, protracted, a long-drawn-out affair, long black hair, with a painted face, of red, and brown so fair,

An indulgent for her time-honored pleasure, an acknowledgement, together

We shared an unknown ecstasy silent to the core, quaking to the fore.

Hindsight better than fore, but through a compassionate request, I hoped to gift her for even more, the last breath of love came from an afternoon joy, hoping her life was rewarded more than mine.

Our journeys rise slowly

as if to say not, bear in mind it is as

most folks lot. We all share in a

common DNA thread, suffering allocates portions to all, something we cannot escape, no! not at all.

I’ve heard it said not only is suffering real, the pain one tends to in itself we all may feel, until the golden key has been turned, thinking not of ourselves, but something more real, as other souls, too

Love knows no boundaries, I am INK’g

This ride for the kingless we stride, or straddle the beast, the one that demonizes us to the very last, at least.

I offer a rose to the beauty of love, links’

A past, 40 ages ago, plus, a tenure of darkness often discovered within, time heals all wounds where acceptance begins.

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