The Little Boy I Used to Be

By John Evans

© 5/8/2020 1:47:50 PM

When I was young, say back at five

My spirit flew, I was alive.

Vacation Bible School

And a cherry orchard, walk

Along a dirt path

The sour taste, but

Oh, so good

Mother and dad

Walked hand in hand

I loved them both, so much

And little brother

With brightly colored snails

I hid them all, I hid in pails.

Early morning capture

Heading back to my room

By early morning next day

Walls were covered

As if a new paint.

But love so strong

For a family of four

Even as I made trips

To the bakery store.

A few schillings for bread,

On gummy bears, I fed

Thank you Lord, for my daily bread.

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