11 thoughts on “The Poet

      1. Very peaceful at the moment Antonio. May I ask, where are you based out of? I’ve been wondering. Thanks for your response. I like you. You’re a cool dude and authentically a very nice man.

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      2. Best place to be Antonio. My wife lived in Yonkers for 10 years as a child. We now live in Idaho. I am about to explore my potential as Fine Art Portrait Photographer. I hope you’ll join me on this journey. I aspire to create beautiful work.

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      3. Well, I just released my photography for free on click a snap to help bloggers with their posts. Maybe seeing my page will bring back some memories. Yonkers is quite nice, I miss traveling there. But of course, I’ll be best checking ya stuff out buddy. Cant wait to see what you post! 😁


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