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John G Evans & Paavo Oso Arts


by John Gregory Evans

© 5/6/2020 3:48:39 AM

Interior pull

a Springtime day

sixty – mile drive

the gate

pulls me in

to where beauty begins


Hearts play from heaven

the Visitation

Jeramiah, yes

wisdom, goodness, reverence for the Word

A kindred bond

The Abbott’s invitation, thus


Brother monks, Priests, gather at the

large table,

prayer upon prayer.

Spiritually devoted in

Reverence and holiness,

I felt Presence

indeed, Presence

A disturbance sits nearby, chuckling

Not certain why.

I draw near to the Father,


Permeates the spirit of the humanity factor.

Departure, bowing monk

we leave upon knowing

He is present

among us.

Peace, thus

embodied within our hearts.

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