All Poets Hidden

John G. Evans

© 5/1/2020 2:03:45 AM

To all the poets hidden in sight, I wonder often, working through the night,

Have you considered style upon style, precisely your manner, writing all the while?

Have you witnessed the drab clouds of your mind from the start, delving deeply within your depths to create a poem’s fresh part, that expresses your experience, your style, as well, from heart?

Style now, the imperative to grow, while word upon word appear as you sow, the words as worn, and worn again, new; write on through the darkness discover the new you.

Where metaphor languishes, declines to give way, searching your depths, answers will be born, and always remain, as one of these poets clambering to the top, knowing where to start and where one must stop.

Create a new form, weather this vocabularic storm, creating your own bravura of writing it down, and deny yes, your monetary wit for there shall remain none around, penniless, as Paine in his debts.

Your reward of the poetics shall all come to see, coining your phrases in short, a breviary you shall see. Continue this sojourn of thought and of word, allow the memories to fly as a younger neophyte’s bird.

You shall think and think and often a word cloud will begin, a flow of literary events, shall guide you through this analytical fence.

Continue to work it and refining your edge, whether sonnet, or ballad, or villanelle’s page, your work begins to flourish as all solecisms rage.

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