Truth as a Child May See ~

Deadened fossils of the past, worries of the future, as opening in the present moment the healing of a suture. Why, must I torture myself? This past thus dead and gone, and the future nowhere to be seen, all that clearly remains is transforming our minds to living for what now is being.

Listen, to this Rocky Mountain Idahoan breeze. Breathe this freshness in and stand back for God shall do a mighty wondrous thing.

The mind is troubled, and our personalities will mix, but the healing comes from living now, today, among the sewing of the stitch.

Upon catching myself to fall I come from high upon the wall, of ignorance, thus tall. My mind vast with pure emptiness, from here on in I shall not stall, growth of the spirit of the heart tells all.

As a child who lives for now, I shall aspire to be the same, blameless is the key, from what my soulโ€™s eyes may now, wholeheartedly, through loving others, come to see.

As a boy I played hopscotch with the girls, neโ€™er once did I look back, the love was in the game we played, and upon not dwelling in the past.

One cool Bavarian morn as I was kissed upon the cheek, a little girl who I adored, was telling I she liked the likes of me!  She ran off into the playfulness of her childlike star-catching dream, only to face an adversary, not quite yet the likes sheโ€™d ever seen, but embraced her caring Protector who was a little boy who loved her heart, and she saw the likeness of her friend, as this little boy was me.

2 thoughts on “John G. Evans

  1. I think you hit many points which hit close to home for the majority.
    As well as hope for all.
    Love this poem.
    Gods Blessings.


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