“Beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror.”

Born December 4th, 1875 and died December 29th, 1926. Rilke was a mystical poet deeply entranced by his passion for the correlation between writing of the deeper life. One may state that the work of Rainer Maria Rilke lends an esoteric education by means of reading his mysterious literary works. He is a champion of both literary genius and mysticism regarding philosophical, religious, and poetic depth.

February 1922 he worked diligently and with very little effort with regards to his Sonnets to Orpheus completing 55 poems with a few days. Dedicated to his specialized genre of truth-bearing poetry, Rilke has demonstrated poets of his caliber are rare. His poetic gifts may be read over and over and may remain a mystery to the non-poetic soul. But as all poets know, all groundwork in this genre reflect not simply experience, but the ability to see beyond the depths for experiential truth during and after the experience.

Poets as Rilke regarded their passion as a lover esteems their spousal love for love in terms of poetry and literary gifts. Rilke has been deemed one of the best poets humankind has ever witnessed. As a poet myself searching experiential meaning while utilizing the written work through poetics, I will study this phenomenal poet, scholar, and mystic.

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