My City? Your City? Their City?

by John G. Evans © 2020

And then they came. From far, far away; they gathered here in high desert country. The Oregon Trail. Backbone of the Pacific Northwest. They came. Some settled here. Some traveled onward to the sea. And some too tired, and just too old, and just died.

And a bridge was built as the city grew. Beautiful landscape architecture, with lampposts created in 1931, an Art Deco empire lay to rest to be the fruits of the city of Boise, Idaho.

A lovely metropolis built upon an unbiased character. Freedom sounds this liberty bell of the west, and the people came. All peoples of all tongues and color. No subjective nor predisposed language was ever heard in a city that prides itself upon hospitality, freedom, and a call to the God of the Most – High.

Imagine prayers and hymns sung that rang to the beat of whispering trees, cool mountaintops, and the rapid waters named Snake River.

A bow here. A curtsy there. Graciousness and civility everywhere. A time of goodness that leads from generation to generation.

Today, a city of museums, parks, canals, and bank buildings. Look around, all you feel is an ambient atmosphere. Peace calls this city real. So, in answer to the title of whose city; well, I say, Boise, Idaho is everyone’s city.

Boise, Idaho…

                        I love you!

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