A Suffering Tribute from the Fingerprints of God

by John Evans

Suffering, is it sadness?

Or, is it pain?

Pain, as 240 days plus measured from too many combat scenarios through forests and trees? Shell shock, or PTSD?

Suffering, is it misery?

Or, is it stains?

Stains, from my tarnished soul walking in too many quarters and lodging to each?

Guilty principles, without a moral integrity?

M-I-S-E-R-Y? As in, misery loves the company of self.

Never, an indulgence to quiet the distance between heaven and hell?

Guilt, a sorrow never quenched of fiery nights.

Or, the shady run from biased hearts grieving from fright?

I take no prisoners but that of myself…

Ready to run, ready to fight.

And, through it all, yet…

I’d be willing to bet…

Acceptance of wrongs, confessions if you will…

Brought tears of joy from my unfrozen heart…

A Suffering Tribute from the Fingerprints of God.

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