John G Evans

Chastisement of fire from the skies are of the intuitive dire reality this world must face, as the oppressor runs from himself to be hid from the presence of God’s Holy Face. I can witness oppression coming from within. This oppression I speak of continues to run where the sins of humanity’s character struggles with the fiery flames of conscience. The humanity factor, oppressive by state, in being already One with our God, we witness this wall of tonalities that carries forth the true indigenous flag of freedom’s new choice, a freedom for all, a freedom of peace carried forth by the poor in spirit, the poor of the earth.

Change (conversion), enters the heart, often through doors unseen. This mystical reality fed with hearts through a true intimacy. This rare gem of conversion and union in Christ, only, seems foolish to some, the truly oppressed, simply because they choose not to see, but through the love of another bonded in Christ, selfless love shared renders a quality of love measured by faith, trust, and a rare kind of integrity.

The heart, yes, a mysterious place…where battles are lost, and battles are won…but the truest of all seems to be the indigenous ones. A brother to all, a comrade in hope, we envision a peace, of love and of calm, yet courage strikes fierce when we are torn apart. This uncovered new land lay in wait for the multitudes of angels and a land of gentle giants, an invitation to a concept for a sacred reality of conscience where a new witness is born from out of the ashes of our spiritual DNA. We are all furtively related in kindness and in hope, but behold the soldiers of Christ and angels of God fear not the adversary of arrogance be gone.

In silence we are called to listen and hear of the voices from inside this place for a cryptic new sense; simple and strong, with courage to speak words of chastisement, words of the meek. A man of wisdom, a man of such strength, carries forth a tradition for a fruit – bearing faith. So, carry on my new angel of peace, with your words that have comforted me, cured me to seek, a brotherhood for all men as the Lamb and His sheep.

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