Judith C Evans – Violinist

The concerto begins as she lifts her bow and resting her stringed instrument gently across her neck & shoulder. The notes begin slowly as one sweet note after another in an even tempo. By her lead others slowly discover their own way into the melody and create song within a beautiful harmony. No words are spoken. The audience listens as each rising and lowering of the bow speak for itself. My heart fills with enchantment. My ears hear the strings speak, each as if to say draw me in. Draw me in further and further whereby my heart and soul shall follow. Music thus created. Ecstasy begins to mount. She delivers as she promised in a single yet repetitive refrain leading her spectators in a breathless momentum. Once drawn, the orgiastic blend of melody reverberates this somewhat eluding and esoteric mystery into a union of souls, collectively, into her own. As the sonata melds to symphony a work of art has been created born of an evening for this masterpiece to breed only of her own. Enchantment rises to its orgiastic moment of bliss. The concerto now breathing within all hearts speaks only one word to compliment the Violinist:

Bravo! Yet the crowd speaks. Bring on the encore. But no reprise is within earshot. The Violinist seeks only to soften the melody into the night of many wonders where love was madeโ€ฆmelding of note, and melody, and of refrain.

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