Photographic Notes –

What I have learned to photograph sharper images and to calibrate for web or print:

I keep my shutter speed at 1/125 or above but rarely release my shutter more than 1/200. My personal preference is to have a dark background and these shutter speeds maintain the integrity of the work I aspire to create.

My aperture presently with a single individual within the frame I have set for f/4.0 but can go a bit lower for more focus power or depth of field. The lower the f/no. the more people or territory will be in focus.

My single focus point is set in the menu under Autofocus (Nikon), at AF-S. For faster shots use AF-C. I focus with the single focus point on the eye nearest the camera.

My ISO I typically leave between 100-200.

WB = studio…flash

WB = outdoors…settings, proper

sRGB for smaller or non-gamut monitors

Adobe RGB for calibrated, wide gamut monitors up to 30%

For lab color space issues (I am always learning this topic), monitor calibration is a must. In the photography business calibration is a must, especially when printing, also.

As I learn more I shall share more.

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