John G Evans c 2019

A Measure of Peace to Live Within This Present Moment –

Ancestral shadows lay at my heels ready to strike in an instant though for a moment have held their peace.

Granted, the love remains within a charitable heart. I am here. You are here. Let us come to know when to lay down our arms.

I know I am nothing but a powdery dust crawling upon a rocky earth. Fear is in my heart. My thoughts remain congested of a polluted world contaminated by the ungodliness of our ways.

I am in exile. This land remains unseen by flesh, or rock, or earth, and for any kind of matter where I may lay, and rest, and be found, alive to all my senses, where my teachers are not of this earth, but, within a very special bliss known only by saints, mystics, and peoples of God.

This bliss welcomes all but draws only the few. I hope you shall discover this place of bliss, ecstasy, with a renewed sense of peace. I know I shall.

I go here as red warriors swarm my essence. And, I recall the days of miracles and I revisit the essence of awe.

Peace overwhelms me in a land where voices are only heard in silence.

I sleep in peace until the next visit.

Because, this present moment converts my measure of peace into nothing more.

Freedom befalls me.


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