Today is a day to celebrate the assets of receiving additional skills and gear. I ordered a new backdrop (black), for the moments I wish to convey throughout my grief stricken days. But, it is more than this. To me black is class. I like the way color, lighting, composition, the pose, all come together to create a visual-storyteller’s artistry and story.

Of course, my favorite model Judith C Evans (my lovely adoring wife), always assists however possible. Today, I am desiring her to model as I fire up the camera, lighting with a Godox parabolic deep dish modifier, Godox lamp head flash, 85mm f/1.2 lens, and a wardrobe we can rely on for some very soft, subtle images of a beautiful lady who has captured my heart.

I will learn much today. I shall review the results later this afternoon and post as quickly as I am able post the post production.

Thank you for joining us.

17 thoughts on “Acquiring New Photographic Skills

      1. Your right, I bought a $500 4K camera and that didn’t even hold up compared to what photographers were using at the time. So I don’t blame you but I get the whole it’s better to use that time to do something you really love. So much props for that!


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