“Artists—painters, sculptors, musicians—have long known that being attuned to the light, the ability to see deeply, connects us with the holy in a fresh and new way.” 

~ J. Brent Bill, Mind the Light: Learning to See with Spiritual Eyes, pp. 10-11

As a self-taught poet | writer | artist, I knew these were some of my goals from an early age and that to commit myself to this challenging, yet rewarding venue was definitively worthy. My artistic positioning may very well have begun with sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini lending his sojourning to the sacred and divine path during the Baroque Period, the white marble sculpture of Ecstasy of Teresa around 1652. I believe I had the same vision of intent  perhaps as Bernini’s sense of wonder in a spiritual and erotic pinnacle that highlights this captured moment in time; either caught in a white marble stone, or within the genre of deep, evocative, poignant poetic verse, the moment lasting eternity, a blessing the artist and viewer alike may come to be in deep gratitude for.

I would describe my personal related experience of Teresa’s mystical and spiritual orgiastic ecstasy through a multi-time encounter with the Divine while in a silent state of awe upon interior prayer, and the holy gaze through love with a transparency of reciprocal love, where this ecstatic love led me navigating the divine path through a mystical relationship with the Divine. I would also describe another of personal related experiences hearing with the ears of my soul a woman’s voice as a teen, thus calling me by name within two successive moments.  It was during this era I began my journey for an artistic and mystical approach to my writing. I sense all creatives share the mystical in some Universal and Omnipresent manner.

 As an artist one learns to be creative in so many ways. Consequently, I have discovered as an accomplished artist one may unearth the hidden treasures through a fervent dedication to the ecstatic moment, and how to weave the mystical into fine art and discover a whole new world of everlasting fire witnessed with every living breath. But before this may occur the novice must isolate him/herself to a point of cooperating with this spiritual amalgamation of the subject matter and coalesce this element with the emotional passion we become engaged by the parameters of the soul. We induce features the soul witnesses for us. Be a revolutionary mystic with art and shoot for that which we cannot see. Living in a land of gratitude may be required, as we search out a location to commune with. Art is the process of creativity, and I have once heard that to be creative is to be close to God. Let that time be near and stay creative!

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