So – I have been toying around with photography since 1972, perhaps earlier. I know I was a teen. I have learned the difference from other photographers what is good photography and what is not. My photography, well…I keep pushing the envelope. So much to consider. But, it has become a new and perpetual love. Following are images I consider over-edited. I began with RAW files and diminished them to nothing with software. I shall not do this any longer since I have learned less is more. So images posted in this set are good compositions. But, I’ve got to learn to leave them alone. You see for yourself.

My Two Best Friends Serving in the USMC.
A Ship I photographed Sailing into Port Corpus Christi, Texas
The Gulf of Mexico
Along the San Antonio Mission Trail.
Beautiful. 2009
Lucky Peak Reservoir
Near Boise, Idaho, 2009
Won the Exposure Award 2015 Animal Collection
Digital Library in the Louvre, Paris, France
San Antonio Riverwalk Church
Old Post Office Building
San Antonio, Texas
Morning Sunrise Over Stadium
San Antonio, Texas
Veterans Park
Boise, Idaho
Our Beloved Deceased Best Friend
Lucky – 2

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