Often time, I conclude that my mind always is anxious and worried with my past and/or the thoughts therein. I continue to think and discover what I am seeing are my thoughts always protruding into the vastness of my own human frailty.  Once I have the time to re-think my current lifestyle situation I can (upon true prayer where I pray for only God’s will to be), seeking only His Kingdom first, and then letting it be, can come to a realization my mind’s fixation with worry and the past is the cause of the delusion about an era from which my mind and the subsequent thought system shall suffer. The past is gone. The future is not here. Only the present moment can be among us. Truth may be obstructed in this terrible way of thinking.

Past thinking (and thoughts), is not an easy thing to rid of. I wrote a meditation in The Upper Room (2003), regarding to Let Go and Let God. In fact, this was my title. Even though I wrote this very brief devotional I have always had the trouble of re-thinking my past. I wrote with the notion revealed to me at the time to simply let go of the worry (and during these days I worried excessively), and to trust God. This requires practice and requires time of which we should have no avail of. Time is not our worry. We leave time in God’s hands and simply allow Him (through a personal trust), to engage in our lives as He will. Acceptance of God’s mercy, love, and strength within our own thought system generates positivity with the practice of the former beatitudes. This is and has become my way of thought. If we change our thoughts and try to understand God’s Holy Spirit manifests love, and if God is for us, then, who can be against us.

My own personal struggles have “in the end” set me free to give God who I am in prayer because prayer is all we have. God is all we have. We were created in “earth” and to “earth” we shall return, but our bodies only. Our minds will go with that and we shall continue in spirit and love only if we allow it. We have to render God control over our lives before we know and experience His beautiful peace.

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